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Understanding Pathology Reports

Question: Please check my pathology results and advise me how I should proceed. Hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience. Thanks

Understanding Pathology Report

Question: Understanding my report: invasive ductal carcinoma -histologic grade: nottingham histologic score III/III (tubule score=3, nuclear score=3, mitoses=2) -size of largest focus: 09 cm Estrogen receptor-negative (0%) Progesterone receptor-negative (0%) HER2/neu-positive (3%) Ki

Is Bilateral Mastectomy Necessary When Another Cancer Shows up in the Opposite Breast?

Question: I had a needle core biopsy LEFT breast…under Diagnosis it states …….-invasive mammary carcinoma (crush artifact present)……diagnosis confirmation by the Dr on april 1st 2013 Speciman that was sent was labelled “core biopsy left breast” and consisted of 3 cores of tan yellow core biopsies measuring from .3cm to .6 cm…….with one needle core [...]

What Do You Know About The Doctor That Diagnosed Your Breast Biopsy?

If you or someone you know has felt a breast lump or had an abnormal mammogram, you know it can be a very scary situation.  The immediate fear is “I might have breast cancer.” When confronted with a breast health issue, many patients seek out a particular breast center or a breast doctor well-known for [...]

Understanding Pathology Results

Question:  Can you help me understand this report? Breast Right, biospy: Infiltrating ductal carcinoma SBR/Nottingham grade 2/3 Tubular score 2. Nuclear score 2. Mitotic score 2 (focal). No evidence of angiolymphatic invasion Cancerization og lobules Ductal carcinoma in situ Solid, papillary and cribriform patterns Nuclear grade 2-3 Comedonecrosis present Microcalcifications associated with in situ malignancy [...]

Tubular Carcinoma

Question: Hello: I am a 50 year old premenopausal female. I had a 2.5 mm tubular carcinoma diagnosed in Dec 2010 and had a simple mastectomy and neg SNB. I then had a prophylactic mastectomy in March of the other side. There were atypical hyperplastic lobular and ductal cell changes in the remainder of my [...]

DCIS Diagnosis on Biopsy Reversed by Third and Fourth Opinion

Question: I looked for a way to post on your ask the pathologists forum but was unable so here is my question.  I noticed a lump a few months ago and saw my primary care MD, sent for a mammagrom and US.  Mammagram totally normal, no calcifications, US saw the mass and a biospy was [...]

Breast Cancer Treatment Options

Many patients ask how they know if they are getting the appropriate treatment for their breast cancer. No two patients are alike and therefore treatment decisions are based upon your unique situation and the type of cancer you have. This is one reason why it is important to get a second opinion on your pathology [...]