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Understanding Pathology Reports

Question: Please check my pathology results and advise me how I should proceed. Hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience. Thanks

ADH at Surgical Margin

Question: I recently had surgery after my core biopsy for ductal carcinoma in situ. The pathology report said the cancer measured 4 mm but there was “focal atypical ductal hyperplasia at the lateral inked margin”. My doctor said not to worry about that, but that worries me that there is more tumor left in my [...]

Understanding Pathology Reports

Question: report says histologic sections show neoplastic breast tissue with epithlial and desmoplastic stromal components present. there are nests of maliglant epithelial cells invading the stroma and adjacent fatty tissues. the epithelials have hyperchromatic nuclei with 6 to7 mitotic figures seen per high power field. there are also moderate foci of tubular formation and the [...]

History of DCIS in One Breast, Now ADH in the Opposite Breast

Question: In 2006, I had lumpectomy and radiation in right breast following diagnosis of DCIS.  I was 38.  No family history.  First mammogram.  Margins were clear.  I have had MRIs every six months alternating with mammograms every six months.  Two weeks ago, I had a stereotatic biopsy that indicated ADH in the left breast – [...]

Be Cautious of the Information You Get on the Internet About Breast Pathology

I wrote a blog article a couple of years ago about how there is a lot of misinformation given out by many websites where patients can write in and ask questions related to breast pathology issues. Unfortunately, in the past few years nothing seems to have changed. There are still many sites out there where [...]

DCIS and Need for Re-Excision Following Positive Margins

Question: Hello, and thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. March 29th first biopsy done, clinical information and history: Bloody nipple discharge left breast for 20 months, papilloma suspected, mammogram clear. Diagnosis after excision: 1. Low grade DCIS 2. Focal proliferative fibrocystic changes and small intraductal papilloma 3. DCIS focally transected by excision [...]

Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation and Ductal Carcinoma in Situ

In a recent issue of the journal Cancer there are two interesting articles looking at two types of radiation therapies vs. no radiation for a subset of patients with DCIS. This has long been a controversy amongst breast care specialists.  Does all DCIS following lumpectomy need to be treated by radiation? Or is there a [...]

Margins on Lumpectomy

Question: Four weeks ago I had a core biopsy with ductal carcinoma in situ and recently had a lumpectomy. My doctor said there was 2.2 cm of DCIS, high grade with necrosis, margins negative, estrogen receptor negative. He is suggesting radiation therapy but when I went for a second opinion, the pathologist said the margins [...]

LCIS and Surgical Margins

Question:  I had a core biopsy in July which showed LCIS and had my surgery in late August which also showed only LCIS.  My doctor said I don’t need any more surgery, but my pathology report said “margins are 1-2 mm in several foci.” Should I be concerned everything wasn’t taken out? Are these good [...]