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Question:  I was recently diagnosed with Low Grade DCIS via pathology report from my local hospital. My doctor was able to refer me to a very reputable breast clinic and I underwent a comprehensive work up on both breasts based on the outside pathology report for low grade DCIS in the right breast. The mammograms [...]

Understanding Pathology Reports

Question: Please check my pathology results and advise me how I should proceed. Hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience. Thanks

Do You Need Surgery After a Core Needle Biopsy Diagnosis of a High Risk Breast Lesion?

This article about high risk breast lesions in HealthImaging highlights what my Radiology colleague from Harvard and I have been writing and lecturing about over the past several years. There remains significant controversy on how to treat high risk breast lesions that are diagnosed on needle core biopsy. Among these high risk lesions are lobular neoplasia [...]

Understanding Pathology Report

Question: Understanding my report: invasive ductal carcinoma -histologic grade: nottingham histologic score III/III (tubule score=3, nuclear score=3, mitoses=2) -size of largest focus: 09 cm Estrogen receptor-negative (0%) Progesterone receptor-negative (0%) HER2/neu-positive (3%) Ki

ADH at Surgical Margin

Question: I recently had surgery after my core biopsy for ductal carcinoma in situ. The pathology report said the cancer measured 4 mm but there was “focal atypical ductal hyperplasia at the lateral inked margin”. My doctor said not to worry about that, but that worries me that there is more tumor left in my [...]

What Do You Know About The Doctor That Diagnosed Your Breast Biopsy?

If you or someone you know has felt a breast lump or had an abnormal mammogram, you know it can be a very scary situation.  The immediate fear is “I might have breast cancer.” When confronted with a breast health issue, many patients seek out a particular breast center or a breast doctor well-known for [...]


Question: I would like to give you background first and then a part of one of the path reports that are in question. I have had 10 surgeries on my breasts in the last 10 years for various cysts, masses, etc. In the past 3 years I have had 5 procedures all in the right [...]

New Speaking Engagements for Pacific Breast Pathology

Our course entitled “Ten Diagnoses in Breast Pathology You Cannot Afford to Miss” was accepted for a three-year run beginning in March 2013 at the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology Annual Meeting.  We will be giving the course in Baltimore in 2013, San Diego in 2014, then Boston in 2015. I am giving [...]

Can Hyperplasia Cause a Mass and Breast Pain?

Question: Hello, I went to my family DR. about pain I had started having in in my left breast, if I would push underneath my breast, pain would shoot through to my back. My Dr. Sent me for a diagnostic mammagram, followed by ultrasound, a mass was found deep within the breast tissue against my [...]

Pacific Breast Pathology

Seattle Breast Pathology Consultants has joined forces with another breast pathologist to form Pacific Breast Pathology.  In addition to our existing second opinion consultation service, we will now be providing services to radiologists and surgeons for primary diagnostic interpretation of breast core biopsies and surgical specimens performed in California.  We also will have full service [...]