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Understanding Pathology Report

Question: Understanding my report: invasive ductal carcinoma -histologic grade: nottingham histologic score III/III (tubule score=3, nuclear score=3, mitoses=2) -size of largest focus: 09 cm Estrogen receptor-negative (0%) Progesterone receptor-negative (0%) HER2/neu-positive (3%) Ki

Understanding Pathology Reports

Question: report says histologic sections show neoplastic breast tissue with epithlial and desmoplastic stromal components present. there are nests of maliglant epithelial cells invading the stroma and adjacent fatty tissues. the epithelials have hyperchromatic nuclei with 6 to7 mitotic figures seen per high power field. there are also moderate foci of tubular formation and the [...]

Recurrent Breast Cancer with No Residual Cancer Found at Mastectomy

Question:  Hi. I had a reoccurrence with my breast cancer in may of this year, they did a punch biopsy on it and it came back as IDC grade 2, ER and PR positive.  On the punch biopsy pathology report there are no notes on margins it just says Recurrent IDC is multifocal and surrounding [...]

Terminology of Invasive Mammary Carcinoma

Question: Dear Dr. Lawton, I had 2 pathologists look at my surgical pathology. It seems that they both saw the same thing, but disagreed on how to call it. One pathologist called it invasive mammary carcinoma with lobular features, the other called it IDC with single file growth pattern. My single focal tumor showed single [...]

Tubular Carcinoma

Question: Hello: I am a 50 year old premenopausal female. I had a 2.5 mm tubular carcinoma diagnosed in Dec 2010 and had a simple mastectomy and neg SNB. I then had a prophylactic mastectomy in March of the other side. There were atypical hyperplastic lobular and ductal cell changes in the remainder of my [...]

Tubular Carcinoma

Question: Pathologist gave a diagnosis of Invasive ductal cancer grade 1 (2/2/1), however when asked said it was a tubular cancer are these two different? thank you

Invasive Lobular vs. Invasive Ductal Carcinoma

Question: What is the difference between invasive lobular and ductal carcinoma? My first biopsy I had at my ultrasound said “invasive lobular carcinoma grade 2/3″ and my surgery biopsy said “invasive ductal carcinoma grade 2/3″. Does this make any difference?

New Research Supporting the Favorable Prognosis of Tubular Carcinoma

In the January 1, 2010 issue of the Journal of Clinical Oncology, a study was released which confirms the belief that tubular carcinomas of the breast have a more favorable prognosis than typical Grade I invasive carcinomas, NST. I’ve reported before on invasive carcinomas which have been associated with a more favorable prognosis.  Tubular carcinoma [...]

Estrogen receptor (ER)

Question: I am confused about my pathology report which says my cancer is invasive ductal carcinoma, estrogen receptor negative (less than 10% of cells) and progesterone negative (0% of cells). Why does it say less than 10% for estrogen receptor is negative? Doesn’t that mean some cells are positive? My doctor said since I am [...]

Cancer grading

Question:  My report says I have invasive ductal carcinoma, Nottingham grade II, score 7.  What is the difference between grade II and score 7?