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Benign Breast Biopsy

Question: just had a wire localized biopsy microscopic diagnosis..fibroadenoma,aprocrine metaplasis,stromal fibrosis,duct ectasia,focal microcalaifications..what does all of this mean?? can you please make some sense of this for me..Thank You

Phyllodes Tumor vs. Cellular Fibroadenoma Poster

I did a study with nine breast pathology colleagues of mine on how breast pathologists distinguish cellular fibroadenomas from phyllodes tumor.  Our abstract was accepted at the 100th annual USCAP meeting in San Antonio this year.  I have attached a pdf version of our poster below: FEL_poster Please feel free to comment or ask questions [...]

See Our Poster Presentation on The Difficulty in Distinguishing Cellular Fibroadenomas From Phyllodes Tumors at the 100th Annual USCAP meeting in San Antonio, February 28th.

Nine of my colleagues and I who specialize in breast pathology from the US and Australia reviewed 21 difficult consult cases which were sent in for second opinion with a question of cellular fibroadenoma vs. phyllodes tumor.  Our abstract was accepted for presentation at the USCAP’s 100th annual meeting in San Antonio, TX. We attempt [...]

Phyllodes Tumor Chapter in the 4th Edition of “Diseases of the Breast”

See the updated chapter on Phyllodes Tumors in the fourth edition of Harris’ Diseases of the Breast.

Juvenile Fibroadenoma vs. Phyllodes Tumor

Question: My daughter is 16 years-old and she noticed one of her breasts was growing larger than the other. I took her to my gynecologist who said she felt a lump and wanted to biopsy it. Since the lump was large they recommended surgery and the pathology report came back as a juvenile fibroadenoma, cannot [...]

What Your Core Needle Biopsy Diagnosis Means

In the past decade, core needle biopsy has taken over fine needle aspiration (FNA) as the main tool for diagnosing image-detected or palpable breast lesions. While this biopsy technique is just a sample, cores of breast tissue are removed vs. individual cells as in FNA and thus the pathologist has more information to make an [...]

Fibroadenomas and Phyllodes Tumors

Fibroadenoma Fibroadenoma is the most common benign tumor in the female breast. They generally occur in younger women but can be seen in post-menopausal women as well. Most of the time they present as a lump in the breast, but they can also be found incidentally on a breast radiology exam. To a pathologist, a [...]