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Understanding Pathology Reports

Question: Please check my pathology results and advise me how I should proceed. Hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience. Thanks

Is Bilateral Mastectomy Necessary When Another Cancer Shows up in the Opposite Breast?

Question: I had a needle core biopsy LEFT breast…under Diagnosis it states …….-invasive mammary carcinoma (crush artifact present)……diagnosis confirmation by the Dr on april 1st 2013 Speciman that was sent was labelled “core biopsy left breast” and consisted of 3 cores of tan yellow core biopsies measuring from .3cm to .6 cm…….with one needle core [...]

Terminology of Invasive Mammary Carcinoma

Question: Dear Dr. Lawton, I had 2 pathologists look at my surgical pathology. It seems that they both saw the same thing, but disagreed on how to call it. One pathologist called it invasive mammary carcinoma with lobular features, the other called it IDC with single file growth pattern. My single focal tumor showed single [...]

Understanding Pathology Results

Question:  Can you help me understand this report? Breast Right, biospy: Infiltrating ductal carcinoma SBR/Nottingham grade 2/3 Tubular score 2. Nuclear score 2. Mitotic score 2 (focal). No evidence of angiolymphatic invasion Cancerization og lobules Ductal carcinoma in situ Solid, papillary and cribriform patterns Nuclear grade 2-3 Comedonecrosis present Microcalcifications associated with in situ malignancy [...]

Tubular Carcinoma

Question: Pathologist gave a diagnosis of Invasive ductal cancer grade 1 (2/2/1), however when asked said it was a tubular cancer are these two different? thank you

Invasive Lobular vs. Invasive Ductal Carcinoma

Question: What is the difference between invasive lobular and ductal carcinoma? My first biopsy I had at my ultrasound said “invasive lobular carcinoma grade 2/3″ and my surgery biopsy said “invasive ductal carcinoma grade 2/3″. Does this make any difference?

Update on Breast Cancer Staging

The newest edition of the AJCC’s Staging Manual is out and there are some changes to breast cancer staging which took effect January 1, 2010. ¬†Several updates in the new edition I felt were good include: – Moving T0/T1 tumors with only micrometases in the axillary nodes to stage IB from the IIA category. – [...]

Understanding Your Breast Cancer Stage

Knowing the stage of your breast cancer helps your medical team determine how big the cancer is and if it has spread. This helps them guide your therapy and provide reliable prognostic information. In general, staging is done following your surgery, either after lumpectomy or mastectomy. It usually includes evaluation of the lymph nodes in [...]

Multifocal Breast Cancer and Staging

Question: My lumpectomy report says: Invasive ductal carcinoma, two foci, 2.4 cm, combined histologic grade II/III, margins widely free (>5mm), see comment. The comment says there were two tumors, one 1.3 cm and one 0.6 cm, total span 2.4 cm. My question is–my doctor has staged me as IIA (my nodes were negative)–but my tumors [...]

Errors in Breast Cancer Staging

Question: I am confused about my cancer stage as it seems much worse than when I originally had my surgery. Based on the report I asked for, my cancer is an invasive lobular carcinoma and measures 1.3 cm. I had a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy; my node was negative. My cancer is ER and [...]