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Do You Need Surgery After a Core Needle Biopsy Diagnosis of a High Risk Breast Lesion?

This article about high risk breast lesions in HealthImaging highlights what my Radiology colleague from Harvard and I have been writing and lecturing about over the past several years. There remains significant controversy on how to treat high risk breast lesions that are diagnosed on needle core biopsy. Among these high risk lesions are lobular neoplasia [...]

New Speaking Engagements for Pacific Breast Pathology

Our course entitled “Ten Diagnoses in Breast Pathology You Cannot Afford to Miss” was accepted for a three-year run beginning in March 2013 at the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology Annual Meeting.  We will be giving the course in Baltimore in 2013, San Diego in 2014, then Boston in 2015. I am giving [...]

Be Cautious of the Information You Get on the Internet About Breast Pathology

I wrote a blog article a couple of years ago about how there is a lot of misinformation given out by many websites where patients can write in and ask questions related to breast pathology issues. Unfortunately, in the past few years nothing seems to have changed. There are still many sites out there where [...]


Question: I am 56 years old and I go for my mammogram every year and my doctor said there were some calcificatons in my right breast and recommends biopsy. So I had a needle biopsy that showed “lobular carcinoma in situ” that is what the report said. He said I needed surgery which I dont [...]

Our Course on High Risk Breast Lesions on Core Biopsy

I have uploaded a pdf version of our course on high risk lesions on breast core biopsy that we gave last year in San Diego.  We used an audience response system so if you follow through the slides you’ll see the questions we asked of the audience and the responses that we received in real [...]

Lobular Neoplasia Talk Now Posted

I recently gave a talk in Mexico City on lobular neoplasia (alh/lcis) which is now available here as a pdf: Lobular_neoplasia The talk covers the difference between ALH and LCIS and the new variants of LCIS such as pleomorphic LCIS and LCIS with necrosis. We also talk about the possibility that LCIS is a precursor [...]

Our Book Chapter on High Risk Lesions on Core Needle Biopsy

My radiology colleague from Harvard and I wrote a chapter on how women are being treated differently around the country and the world based on their core needle biopsy diagnosis. I posted the abstract a while back, but now we can publish the manuscript we wrote which is available here as a Word document: High [...]

Update on My Post: Why is There No Consensus on How to Treat Some Diagnoses Found on Core Biopsy?

I wrote an article a while back called “What Your Core Needle Biopsy Diagnosis Means” to help patients understand why sometimes even a “benign” diagnosis may require a surgical excision.  While writing that article, I spoke to many of my colleagues in breast pathology and breast imaging and found out that there is a marked [...]

Change in Diagnosis on Core Biopsy

Question: I had a core biopsy for calcium in my right breast that showed “focal atypical lobular hyperplasia” – my doctor recommended surgery but I chose to get a second opinion and that said my biopsy was benign and said there was no atypical lobular hyperplasia. I would prefer not to have surgery but I [...]

What Your Core Needle Biopsy Diagnosis Means

In the past decade, core needle biopsy has taken over fine needle aspiration (FNA) as the main tool for diagnosing image-detected or palpable breast lesions. While this biopsy technique is just a sample, cores of breast tissue are removed vs. individual cells as in FNA and thus the pathologist has more information to make an [...]