See Our Poster Presentation on The Difficulty in Distinguishing Cellular Fibroadenomas From Phyllodes Tumors at the 100th Annual USCAP meeting in San Antonio, February 28th.

Nine of my colleagues and I who specialize in breast pathology from the US and Australia reviewed 21 difficult consult cases which were sent in for second opinion with a question of cellular fibroadenoma vs. phyllodes tumor.  Our abstract was accepted for presentation at the USCAP’s 100th annual meeting in San Antonio, TX. We attempt to show that the distinction between a cellular fibroadenoma and a phyllodes tumor can be very subjective even amongst pathologists who specialize in breast.  Unfortunately, the surgical treatment can vary depending on these two diagnoses, so further research needs to be done so patients can be assured they are getting the appropriate surgical treatment for their diagnosis.

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