Pacific Breast Pathology

Seattle Breast Pathology Consultants has joined forces with another breast pathologist to form Pacific Breast Pathology.  In addition to our existing second opinion consultation service, we will now be providing services to radiologists and surgeons for primary diagnostic interpretation of breast core biopsies and surgical specimens performed in California.  We also will have full service immunohistochemistry to perform breast cancer prognostic and other diagnostic markers on patients’ biopsies.

Pacific Breast Pathology will be launching our new website on Oct. 15th.  All information, services, and material (including Ask the Pathologist, SBPC library, the blog, etc) will be retained and available on the new site.  Additional information on how to access our expanded services will be available under the ‘Our Services’ section of the new site . If you search our current site directly you will be automatically sent to the new site.

Stay tuned for further information.

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