Our Book Chapter on High Risk Lesions on Core Needle Biopsy

My radiology colleague from Harvard and I wrote a chapter on how women are being treated differently around the country and the world based on their core needle biopsy diagnosis. I posted the abstract a while back, but now we can publish the manuscript we wrote which is available here as a Word document: High Risk Chapter

We are speaking again about this very important topic at the American Roentgen Ray Society’s Annual Meeting in Chicago on May 3.  Our goal is to make sure that women are getting the proper information when they are faced with one of these high risk breast lesions on core biopsy.  These diagnoses include atypical lobular hyperplasia/lobular carcinoma in situ, radial scars, papillomas, and flat epithelial atypia. Currently there is no consensus in the breast community as to which women need to have a surgical excision and which women can be followed clinically.

We need to provide better answers and only a large prospective study will potentially solve this issue.

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