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Question: I would like to give you background first and then a part of one of the path reports that are in question. I have had 10 surgeries on my breasts in the last 10 years for various cysts, masses, etc. In the past 3 years I have had 5 procedures all in the right [...]

Recurrent Breast Cancer with No Residual Cancer Found at Mastectomy

Question:  Hi. I had a reoccurrence with my breast cancer in may of this year, they did a punch biopsy on it and it came back as IDC grade 2, ER and PR positive.  On the punch biopsy pathology report there are no notes on margins it just says Recurrent IDC is multifocal and surrounding [...]

Can Hyperplasia Cause a Mass and Breast Pain?

Question: Hello, I went to my family DR. about pain I had started having in in my left breast, if I would push underneath my breast, pain would shoot through to my back. My Dr. Sent me for a diagnostic mammagram, followed by ultrasound, a mass was found deep within the breast tissue against my [...]

Terminology of Invasive Mammary Carcinoma

Question: Dear Dr. Lawton, I had 2 pathologists look at my surgical pathology. It seems that they both saw the same thing, but disagreed on how to call it. One pathologist called it invasive mammary carcinoma with lobular features, the other called it IDC with single file growth pattern. My single focal tumor showed single [...]

How Do I Post a Question?

Question: How do I get a question posted?

Understanding Pathology Results

Question:  Can you help me understand this report? Breast Right, biospy: Infiltrating ductal carcinoma SBR/Nottingham grade 2/3 Tubular score 2. Nuclear score 2. Mitotic score 2 (focal). No evidence of angiolymphatic invasion Cancerization og lobules Ductal carcinoma in situ Solid, papillary and cribriform patterns Nuclear grade 2-3 Comedonecrosis present Microcalcifications associated with in situ malignancy [...]

Tubular Carcinoma

Question: Hello: I am a 50 year old premenopausal female. I had a 2.5 mm tubular carcinoma diagnosed in Dec 2010 and had a simple mastectomy and neg SNB. I then had a prophylactic mastectomy in March of the other side. There were atypical hyperplastic lobular and ductal cell changes in the remainder of my [...]

History of DCIS in One Breast, Now ADH in the Opposite Breast

Question: In 2006, I had lumpectomy and radiation in right breast following diagnosis of DCIS.  I was 38.  No family history.  First mammogram.  Margins were clear.  I have had MRIs every six months alternating with mammograms every six months.  Two weeks ago, I had a stereotatic biopsy that indicated ADH in the left breast – [...]

DCIS Diagnosis on Biopsy Reversed by Third and Fourth Opinion

Question: I looked for a way to post on your ask the pathologists forum but was unable so here is my question.  I noticed a lump a few months ago and saw my primary care MD, sent for a mammagrom and US.  Mammagram totally normal, no calcifications, US saw the mass and a biospy was [...]

Tubular Carcinoma

Question: Pathologist gave a diagnosis of Invasive ductal cancer grade 1 (2/2/1), however when asked said it was a tubular cancer are these two different? thank you