Understanding Pathology Reports

Question: report says histologic sections show neoplastic breast tissue with epithlial and desmoplastic stromal components present. there are nests of maliglant epithelial cells invading the stroma and adjacent fatty tissues. the epithelials have hyperchromatic nuclei with 6 to7 mitotic figures seen per high power field. there are also moderate foci of tubular formation and the myoepithelium is absent. there are a few normal breast acini also seen.

Answer: Thank you for contacting us. From your question it seems you are reporting the microscopic description but I don’t see the Final Diagnosis which should be in your report. Based on this microscopic description it seems you have an invasive carcinoma, NST (no special type) or often called invasive ductal carcinoma. The report should give a Nottingham grade (I, II,or III) based on the nuclear pleomorphism, mitotic rate, and tubule formation of the cancer. Was this a core needle biopsy or a surgical excisional biopsy? If an open surgical biopsy, then a size should be given and mention of margin status in the report. Did you have a sentinel node biopsy to see if there was cancer in your axillary lymph nodes? Also, in your pathology report do they mention the results of breast prognostic markers (ER/PR/her2)? All of these things enter into determining the stage of a breast cancer and what subsequent treatment is recommended.

Feel free to contact us back if you have any further questions about our response. I hope all goes well for you.

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